Our History

Founded by 2 sisters over 30 years ago; with a business and fashion background, we are always on the lookout for the latest in fashion trends in leg-wear.

We are a Canadian corporation .  We are always striving for excellence in customer service and product variety and selection.

FANCY SOX sells hosiery and leg-wear and socks for women and men with an emphasis on good quality and excellent selection.  Our biggest strength is in our selection and our service.  Whatever  your style, whatever your color; from classic to avant-garde FANCY SOX has your legs covered!

We carry many Canadian lines and we travel to find the most exciting new fashions of leg-wear. 

We are known by the brands we keep, we carry all the top brand names in legwear such as  Bleu Foret, Filodoro, Hue, Philippe Matignon, Trasparenze, Dim,  Hot Sox, Uptown Sox, YoSox.

Nous sommes toujours à la recherche de nouvelles lignes à la pointe de la mode et offrons un service exceptionnel à toutes nos clientes.  Notre mantra se représente dans tous ce que l`on fait: quel que soit vos goûts,  ou vos couleurs, vous le trouverez bien chez nous.  De modes classiques aux modes dernier-cri nous saurons toujours souligné la beauté de vos jambes! Nous tenons toutes les lignes renommées.